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Customer Service

We understand that our business is customer driven and we pledge to provide the best customer service to our clients at all times. We give expression to this value by carefully indentifying and addressing the needs of each our customers

Professionalism & Integrity

We pledge to provide to our customers the highest level of professionalism and integrity in every aspect of the services that we offer. We give expression to this by maintaining an environment of professionalism, integrity and a shared understanding that inspires us to exemplify excellence.

Fairness, Equality & Respect

We value openness, consistency, courtesy, fairness, respect, equality and diversity in all transactions with customers. We give expression to this by making a conscious effort to deliver efficient and effective customer service.

Partnership, Consultation & Involvement

 We recognize that partnership based approaches are essential to the achievement of high-quality customer service performance, which is paramount in accomplishing our overall mission to our customers. We give expression to this by continuous and effective communication built on integrity and mutual respect.

The Vision.

The vision of Tax Gator is to become THE premier accounting and financial services firm and therefore the highly visible and well-known household name with the communities during which we serve where our successfulness are going to be measured by the financial intellect, financial stability and financial success of the very clients who greatly trust and respect us.

It is also our vision to reinforce the private lives and professional careers of the professionals, business partners and shareholders whom are truly committed to sustaining our committed vision to our clients.

Our vision isn’t necessarily to be the most important firm in our market and industry, but instead that Tax Gator really cares about the unique, individual needs of every individual and business client. We shall be the worth leader in our field or expertise and that we are going to be known for our affordable prices, but we’ll also aspire to be known for our quality customer service and dependability.

In one word, we would like to be known for VALUE. We also shall be a stand-out in our market because the most professional operated firm and we’ll make certain that our target clients know that choosing Tax Gator for his or her financial needs is that the safest choice by fostering peace of mind with dedicated trust.

The Mission.

The mission of Tax Gator is to satisfy our committed vision to our valued clients, employed professionals, partners and shareholders affiliated with Tax Gator.

We commit ourselves to the present mission by forging a competitive advantage within providing the very best quality financial services and empowerment training services at a reasonable price to individuals and little to mid-sized businesses and organizations. it’s also our mission to determine a network of business services professionals dedicated to assisting our clients in financial and other areas of business practices that are essential to success. we’ll reamain innovative towards technology while exceeding the expectations of our clients.

It is also our committed mission to recruit, train, retain, recognize and reward those passionate professionals whom are charged with fulfillment of our vision and overall mission to our clients with professional respect and openness to their ideas, creativity and conributions. Our professionals are to be provided continued advanced and specialized training so we’re always on the leading edge of competitve compensation and have a superb work environment which can promote longevity an loyalty within our firm.

Finally, it’s our committed mission to make sure sound, sustained and mutually profitable growth within Tax Gator which can enable our employees, professionals, partners and shareholders to satisfy their financial goals and thereby becoming prositive fixtures of society an maintaining a prominent public image.

What we do.

With extensive expertise in profit and growth, Tax Gator provides the highest quality Business Accounting, Tax Preparation and Business Consulting Services and community financial educational courses that are all affordable in today’s economy and market.

How we do it….

By legally lowering taxes, increasing profits, effectively managing income , staying au courant the newest technological advances and the way they impact our clients and by effectively educating individuals and training business owners from start to end , Tax Gator offers distinct advantages to the method of business accounting, tax preparation and business consultation services.

In short, we go the additional mile to raised service our clients. albeit its the smallest amount road traveled.

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