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Credibility and experience when it matters most.

IRS audits and examinations are a standard , if unwelcome, a part of running any business. Tax laws are increasingly complex, and regularly hospitable interpretation. Instances of potential noncompliance are inevitable, however the penalties needn’t be – albeit deficiencies are found.

Tax Gator brings the complete resources of 1 of the country’s most highly regarded, most well established accounting organizations.

The Internal Revenue Service frequently makes errors when it involves calculating underpayment interest, refund interest, and penalties. As a result, many taxpayers are unknowingly walking faraway from overpayments that are rightfully owed to them. no matter the sort of client, business or individual, ensuring that each penny may be a ccounted for is a best practice.

 We’ve extensive experience with IRS protocols and processes, and have defended and supported clients through countless audits and examinations. in the least times, we work openly and collaboratively, providing constant communication during what’s understandably a stressful period.

Our Tax Controversy professionals offer assistance in the following areas:

  • IRS examination preparation and representation
  • IRS interest recovery services
  • Consultation and guidance regarding federal tax procedural issues
  • Representation before the IRS to address request for National Office rulings
  • Penalty and interest services to reduce or abate proposed penalties
  • Reportable transaction services and preparation of necessary documentation
  • Currency and compliance services to resolve inadvertently missed or incorrect tax filings
  • ASC 740 services to determine whether issues have been “effectively settled” for the subsequent recognition of unrecognized tax benefits
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