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Strategic planning.

The tax industry has experienced historic legislative and regulatory change. Businesses of all sizes, across all industries, are impacted by the monumental changes to the federal tax code. Digital service providers, e-commerce sellers, consumers, also as buyers and sellers of companies are still assessing compliance with the new economic nexus statutes in states.

Tax departments face complex changes and new deadlines while company executives are seeking answers to bottom line impact. Strategic business decisions and tax planning opportunities are getting increasingly intertwined. Compliance and consulting within the new tax regime requires a nimble and holistic approach addressing the key impacts to businesses:

  • Section 199A Deduction Analysis
  • Interest Deduction Limitation/Section 163(j)
  • Economic nexus filing obligations/Wayfair
  • Bonus Depreciation
  • Corporate AMT
  • Federal Research Credit

     Opportunity ZonesTax Gator has professionals in virtually every tax area, industry and sector, who bring experience, insight, and a collaborative             approach to even the foremost complex tax compliance and consulting situations. Strategic tax planning is vital to lowering businesses’ total                    liabilities .

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