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For companies of all kinds and sizes, the recent tax reform has strengthened America’s financial integrity and company reliability. The flat 21 percent rate on C corporations means smaller businesses now have access to just about unlimited capitalization and funding methods. additionally , a long-established body of tax rules governing entities, combined with stable state and native rules, grants access to the discretion and stability offered to corporations without steep tax rates. Business owners consider the reduction in U.S. federal corporate tax rates together of the foremost significant factors in navigating business decisions.

Tax departments face complex changes and new deadlines while company executives are seeking answers to bottom line impact. Strategic business decisions and tax planning opportunities are getting increasingly intertwined. Compliance and consulting within the new tax regime requires a nimble and holistic approach addressing the key impacts to businesses:

At Tax Gator we all know corporate tax. Our team includes professionals who helped design the new laws, also as those with experience implementing the company rules on audit, exam, and in granting taxpayers favorable rulings on restructurings. Tax Gator Tax team successfully navigates the complexities of corporate law , including compliance with constantly changing regulations. we’ve decades of experience with the intricacies of the company tax rules and supply our clients with a comprehensive, proactive approach to their unique challenges and opportunities. Our services cover the subsequent areas:

  • Corporate Distributions and Redemptions
  • Stock Basis
  • Taxable Acquisitions, Liquidations, and Stock Losses
  • Tax-Free Acquisitive Reorganizations
  • Divisive Reorganizations including Spin-Offs
  • E&P Analysis
  • NOL and other Attribute Determinations and Optimization
  • Troubled Corporation Workouts
  • Debt Restructurings
  • Bankruptcy
  • Consolidated Returns
  • Uniform Loss Rules
  • Tax Sharing Agreements
  • Entity Conversions
  • S Corporations
  • Tax Structuring
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Attribute Preservation
  • Transaction Cost Analysis
  • Section 382 Studies
  • Capitalization Planning – Debt versus Equity Analysis
  • Accumulated Earnings Tax Planning
  • Personal Holding Company Planning
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